Major Success for Taiwan People's "Party"




On July 2nd, the Taiwan People's Party Foreign Affairs Department hosted a highly successful "Overseas Student Summer Networking Party." The event saw the participation of over fifty guests who are either currently studying abroad, have returned from their studies, or are about to embark on their overseas academic journeys. The party was attended by prominent TPP officials, including Chairman Ko Wen-je and Legislator Huang Kuo-Chang, who studied in the U.S., Taipei City Councilor Huang Ching-Ying, who studied in the U.K., and New Taipei City Councilor Chen Shi-Xuan (Jimmy), who studied in Australia. They joined in the festivities and shared their experiences.



More than just an exchange of study abroad experiences, this gathering also served as an impromptu networking event. Attendees, who came from diverse backgrounds, shared various resources available to them, adding tremendous value to the evening. Beyond academics, managing professional networks and building connections are crucial aspects of studying abroad. Acknowledging this, the Foreign Affairs Department invited a professional photographer to capture LinkedIn profile pictures, ensuring participants left with both knowledge and a fresh, professional headshot.



Looking ahead, the Foreign Affairs Department is set to launch the Overseas Student Ambassador Program, designed to offer a platform and opportunities for more international talent. The goal is for our students to engage with the global community and, in turn, bring that global perspective back to Taiwan.