Core Values

Social Security: Safeguarding Vulnerable Populations

First, social security is guided by the well-known concept of the "weakest link theory." Picture a water bucket constructed from wooden planks; the volume of water it can hold depends on the shortest plank. Caring for the vulnerable is not an act of charity or pity but rather a means of self-preservation. When a society harbors a substantial number of vulnerable individuals who cannot sustain their livelihoods, it inadvertently poses a threat to the overall security and well-being of the entire community. In an era marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and rising inflation, the party recognizes the imperative of addressing the needs of society's most vulnerable members. The party asserts that neglecting the welfare of these individuals not only compromises their security but also poses a threat to the broader societal well-being.

Economic Prosperity: Navigating Global Challenges

Economics serves as the bedrock of any society. The pressing issue of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 looms large on the Taiwanese government's agenda for the coming 15 years. Taiwan's economic landscape is intrinsically tied to international trade and commerce; hence, the imminent concerns surrounding carbon tariffs and fees cannot be understated. Regrettably, there has been a conspicuous absence of tangible governmental efforts to address this matter. The U.S.-China trade dispute, which has evolved into a broader geopolitical confrontation, has cast a profound shadow over Taiwan's industries, with a particularly pronounced effect on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which constitute the cornerstone of Taiwan's economic framework. In light of this, it is imperative for the government to deliberate on strategies to safeguard Taiwan's industries from the structural repercussions precipitated by the intensifying U.S.-China rivalry.

Environmental Sustainability: Balancing Growth and Preservation

The party advocates for the harmonization of economic development and environmental sustainability, as witnessed in the 2021 referendums addressing issues such as nuclear power and coral reefs. The referendums underscore the necessity of striking a balance between these two seemingly divergent objectives to ensure Taiwan's sustainable progress.

Housing Justice: Ensuring Affordable Housing

The Taiwan People's Party acknowledges the longstanding concerns over high rent and skyrocketing property prices. It posits that the complex issue of affordable housing cannot be resolved through simplistic measures. It outlines a multifaceted approach involving social housing construction, tiered rent subsidies, property management reforms, tax restructuring, and enhanced transparency in real estate transactions. Addressing these issues in Taiwan comprehensively is the first step towards achieving housing justice.

Fiscal Discipline: Responsible Financial Stewardship

The party's commitment to fiscal discipline reflects a responsible attitude toward financial management. The TPP opposes irresponsible Helicopter money policies and seeks to enhance revenue generation and expenditure management. Drawing from the experiences of Ko Wen-je's tenure as Taipei City Mayor from 2014 to 2022, the party aims to establish a robust framework for financial discipline.

Foreign Policy: Pragmatism and Preparedness

Ko Wen-je believes that "pragmatism" is of utmost importance. Regarding the possibility of China using force against Taiwan by 2027, Ko Wen-je, as a candidate for the presidency, has outlined a clear strategy for defending Taiwan. He emphasizes two key principles: a commitment to "pursue peace without succumbing to fear of conflict" and the necessity of being adequately prepared and capable of withstanding any potential military threat. Ko underscores the prevailing view that Taiwan's current level of preparedness falls short of what is required to effectively defend the nation. In light of this, he reiterates the importance of adopting a pragmatic and proactive approach to address the complex challenges facing Taiwan's security.