TPP On the 35th Anniversary of the June Fourth Incident


In 1989, students in Beijing's Tiananmen Square initiated peaceful demonstrations advocating for political reform and democratization. However, from the night of June 3 to the early hours of June 4, the situation dramatically escalated. Soldiers began firing into the crowd, and armored vehicles charged directly into the masses. The scene descended into chaos with gunfire and flames engulfing the square. Countless individuals were injured or killed, and many fled abroad. This tragedy remains a shared sorrow for all who cherish freedom.


On the 35th anniversary of the June Fourth Incident, President Lai Ching-te stated, "A truly respectable nation is one where the voices of the people are heard loudly and clearly. Any regime must have the courage to listen to its citizens and promote the forces of national progress, rather than suppressing them."



However, it must be emphasized that the voices deserving protection by the state should not be limited to those aligned with the ruling authorities. Suppression should not be limited to dissent against the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). Calls for change and genuine oversight of the government should be treated equally. A democratic society must provide equal platforms for dissidents, advocates, and supporters to express themselves. It should not use its resources to crush, smear, or eliminate opposing views. Truly commemorating June Fourth means those in power must earnestly listen to the people.


Taiwanese democracy is founded on the freedom to express oneself without fear. It is a democracy where all citizens' voices are respected and treated with dignity, regardless of political affiliation. The democracy we yearn for allows diverse values, thoughts, beliefs, and political views to compete without disparagement. Every citizen should "freely participate in political or any lawful assembly without surveillance, violation of personal data, or persecution based on value judgments." Furthermore, democracy in Taiwan must not allow those in power to incite division and hatred, which erode wisdom, conscience, tolerance, and humanity, the bedrock of freedom in our society.