AmCham x Ko Special Luncheon


Chairman Ko Wen-je, a prominent contender in the upcoming presidential election, had the honor of being invited to the first 2024 presidential candidate luncheon hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan (AmCham) on September 12. The AmCham Special Luncheon not only serves as a platform for its members to understand political philosophy and policies of presidential candidates, but also to strengthen ties between Taiwan and its most crucial ally, the United States. 


In his remarks, Chairman Ko underscored the importance of the common universal values shared by Taiwan and the United States, that have forged a robust and enduring connection between the two nations. With an eye toward Taiwan's future development, he emphasized the pivotal role of energy policy in aligning with global standards, particularly given the international objective of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Expressing concern over Taiwan's current energy supplies, Chairman Ko cited a significant deficit in renewable energy sources. He criticized the ruling DPP government's hasty decision to phase out nuclear power without considering the broader energy supply landscape. Chairman Ko pledged to substantially increase the proportion of renewable energy while ensuring a thorough evaluation of the possibility of extending the operation of nuclear power plants No. 2 and No. 3, as well as conducting a comprehensive safety inspection for possible restoration of nuclear power plant No. 4. This approach aims to make nuclear power a complementary tool in the pursuit of renewable energy development, simultaneously ensuring the stability of Taiwan's power grid—a crucial step toward achieving the nation's 2050 net-zero carbon emissions goal.


Furthermore, Ko Wen-je acknowledged Taiwan's role in the global supply chain of the semiconductor industry over the past three decades and highlighted the necessity of identifying the next flagship industry that maintain Taiwan's future global competitiveness. He proposed the development and fusion of biotechnology with semiconductor industry strength to establish an exclusive industrial trajectory that can further promote Taiwan on the international stage. In line with Taiwan's aspiration to reach out to the world, Ko Wen-je urged to proactively promote and engage in global and regional trade agreements, underscoring the government's preparedness for the potential repercussions of such accords.


Addressing the concerns of foreign investors, Chairman Ko stressed the paramount importance of a stable business environment in Taiwan, acknowledging that the Taiwan-China relationship remains a significant variable. In the context of evolving dynamics in U.S.-China relations, he introduced five key principles for maintaining communication with China, with an aim of reducing the risk of unnecessary confrontations and positioning Taiwan as a bridge to regional stability amidst U.S.-China tensions.


Concluding his remarks, Chairman Ko Wen-je expressed his gratitude to AmCham and friends both in Taiwan and abroad for their concerns regarding Taiwan's future. He presented his vision for Taiwan and called upon all stakeholders to join hands in making Taiwan an even more prosperous and vibrant nation.