Four-Leaf Clover Movement - Make a Phone Call to Check on the Elderly at Home


We would like to invite you to Join the “Four-Leaf Clover Movement” - Make a Phone Call to Check on the Elderly at Home

Many are probably unaware that August 27th is the National Grandparents’ Day. Please join our "Four-Leaf Clover Movement." When you think your grandma, take a moment to call her immediately. Don’t forget grandpa, uncles, or any other elderly family members. Convey your warmest greetings to the seniors in your family.


Taiwan is about to enter a super-aged society in 2025. However, the gap between the young and the elderly seems wider than ever. Despite being family, we are unfamiliar with each other’s birthdays and daily routines, no different from strangers. As family becomes unfamiliarity, this distance has further resulted in generation gaps and stereotypes.


We are launching a campaign from the comfort of your home; the "Four-Leaf Clover Movement" can easily be carried out from your living room. We hope a simple phone call will be the first step to reconnect different generations. Nonetheless, it requires a proper courage and a proper method to take the first step. By following the four steps of "Change, Materialize, Sustain, and Happen," we can certainly bridge the emotional distance between the old and the young:


Firstly, Change-need to shift your mindset and attitude, and alter your behavior to initiate communication.


Then, materialize- create a pleasant atmosphere for dialogue that fosters sincere exchange of thoughts.

Remember, sustain-persevere consistently, so that the trench between each other can gradually be narrowed and ultimately disappear.


Lastly, Happen-maintain positive and lasting interactions to attain social harmony and generational reconciliation.

Generation gaps may exist, but they absolutely can be ameliorated. We hope to revive intergenerational care with faith, hope, compassion, and happiness. Let's replace "opposition" with "dialogue" and dismantle labels born from misunderstandings. This societal movement requires our collective effort; together, we can prepare and embrace a better super-aged society with open arms and possibly a warm hug.