2024 LY Election

Zeng Yin-li, a dedicated advocate for changes, devotes her abundant expertise in government management and international exchanges to reshape Kaohsiung's political landscape. Holding a Ph.D. in Public Management from the University of Baltimore in the United States, Zeng Yin-li previously ran for the Kaohsiung City Mayor as an independent candidate. Her campaign saw her navigating the bustling streets and markets of Kaohsiung with scarce resources and limited human connections.

Reform hinges on unwavering determination, and change demands resolute courage. We sincerely ask all the citizens grant Li You-Yi and Zeng Yin-Li an opportunity to serve. Allowing the ideals of transparency, inclusivity, and effective governance firmly take root in the heart of New Taipei and the vibrant tapestry of Kaohsiung. Together, let us march forward with determination and striving to elevate the living standards of our cherished citizens.