TPP Official Updates

Restoring Housing and Social Justice Protest on July 16

Protesting is not for personal gain, nor is it for show, but a weapon to help us restore housing justice and push for social reform. However, the government has been reluctant to listen to public opinion, leaving everyone aggrieved for the past 7 years. Therefore, we will stand up for ourselves and fight against injustice and unfairness on behalf of the people.


The crowd sweats under the scorching sun, while high-ranking officials hide in air-conditioned rooms, busy with their election campaigns. Bearing the sweltering heat and strangers to one another without party mobilization, the desire for fairness and justice unites us. The anger towards the government surpasses the soaring temperature; no matter how much we sweat, the determination to seek justice cannot be shaken.


It is evident that housing prices have been skyrocketing, yet Vice Minister Hua Jing-Chun claimed that the speculation problem was resolved, and Vice President Lai Ching-te claimed that housing prices are declining. The Construction and Planning Agency is nonchalant, operating nothing more than a reception desk. The number of social housing units is cobbled together haphazardly. In contrast, during his tenure as Mayor of Taipei, Ko Wen-je worked diligently to build over 20,000 social housing units. He was determined to construct more social housing, reform the tax system, and provide generous subsidies, aiming to provide affordable housing for the younger generation.


Although this rally has come to an end, it marks the beginning of our continuous pursuit of housing justice and social reform. We believe that the power of the citizens shall remind our officials that serving the people is their priority and obligation, that they shouldn't abandon the people, manipulate the judiciary, and trample upon justice.