2024 LY Election

Taoyuan City 5th Electoral Dist. (Pingzhen & Longtan) - Lai Hsiang-Ling

Lai Hsiang-Ling is running for the 5th District of Taoyuan (Pingzhen and Longtan). She has long been concerned about issues related to labor rights, social justice, and minority groups. In the Legislative Yuan, she has put forward bills such as the Occupational Accident Insurance and Protection Act for Workers and the Taiwan Hakka Language Development Act. Amid the imminent bankruptcy of the Labor Insurance system, she proposed the establishment of a "Pension Reform Committee," standing firmly with her labor community. Lai Hsiang-Ling ran for the position of Taoyuan City Mayor in 2022, with a vision of open government, balanced urban-rural development, and integration of diverse ethnic groups.