TPP Official Updates

Taiwan People's Party has been recruiting for a month and a half now, and we have received over a thousand resumes from all over the world! The age range of the applicants spans from 20 to 67 years old. The applicants include movie directors, engineers, art directors, as well as directors of non-profit organizations. In addition, some students studying at prestigious universities in the United States, have also decided to temporarily suspend their studies and return to Taiwan to help Ko Wen-je win this critical battle.

Since Ko Wen-je entered politics in 2014, he has been working tirelessly, demonstrating his resoluteness to achieve his goals. His strong determination has inspired a vast amount of individuals to stand up and fight with TPP.

"To walk fast, walk alone; to walk far, walk together." We are still looking for talented individuals to join us and together we can create a better Taiwan.

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